Förderwerk Bremerhaven

Households with low incomes can turn to Bremerhaven’s free-of-charge electricity helpers at the Förderwerk Bremerhaven. These are part of the nationwide Aktion Stromspar-Check and help you to lower your household energy costs. With the Stromspar-Check you can save an average of 150 euros per year in utilities costs.

How does it work?
The Stromspar team comes to your house and checks your electricity consumption. You get the first tips on how to save electricity in your household and thus save cash.

On a second visit from the Stromspar team you will receive free immediate assistance worth 70 euros on average. These include, e.g., energy saving and LED light bulbs, switchable socket outlets, TV standby interrupting device, time switches and jet controllers for water faucets, which are installed directly. In addition, you will receive a personal power saving timetable and qualified tips on how to further reduce your electricity consumption by simple means. If your fridge is old and consumes too much electricity, an additional subsidy program will help you acquire a new refrigerator with lower power consumption.

The electricity helpers who come to your home are fully qualified for this consultation. As former long-term unemployed persons, they know the everyday problems of households with low income from their own experience.

The Stromspar-Check is a nationwide joint action from the German Caritasverband eV and the Federal Association of German Energy and Climate Protection Agencies (eaD) eV and is funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Reactor Safety.

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